General Prayer

Covering all the activity of Kairos, our volunteers and our guests in prayer will always be our first and most important request for help.

Specific Prayer Points??

Please click on the link at the bottom of this page for our latest Prayer Calendar that you can download, giving you a specific prayer point each week.

If you have a specific prayer point you would like prayer about, please send information to

80-Hour Prayer Rosters??

Every time a Kairos Short Course or weekend is operating, a prayer roster is established so that people are constantly praying for the guests throughout the program. Please look at the Kairos Course Calendar and see if you can spare half an hour or more during one or more of those courses.

Online Prayer Roster Registration??

Some of the regions have added their course details to an international online register of prayer vigils. Please click here to be directed to that site. If the program you would like to support is listed (check for the Australian flag and then the corresponding name), you can register online immediately.

If the region you wish to assist is not on that site, please make contact at the address noted on the calendar and organise for your name to be included. (Note: for privacy reasons only first names will be put on the roster).


Prayer Calendar 2018-11 Nov