Prayer Vigil: Kairos Australia

Welcome, come join us praying for:

                  - participants as they hear the gospel

                  - team members as they present the gospel



Here is a link to the  Prayer Vigil: Kairos Australia

Some questions & answers
for more information email

When are reminder emails sent?
- a confirmation email to sent when a participant signs up
- a reminder email is sent 2 days prior to the time slot

Can regions see & print time slots filled for their region?
Yes, Region can view and print their regions time slots at any time
using the internet browser print option

Can regions get an excel extract of time slots filled for their region?
Yes, email a request to

Can we get rid of the ads?
Yes, if we pay a higher license fee

Can we hide names/comments of people signed up?
Yes, email a request to

Can participants share their invitation with others?

How can I swap my SignUp spot?

How can I change or cancel my spot?

How do I sign up someone else (a family member, group members)?

How can I see who else is signed up?

Can Participants Swap SignUp Spots?

Can we use SignUp for other events like KOW weekends/conferences/…?
Yes, we may have to pay a higher license fee, just depends...

Can SignUp adjust for different time zones?
No, A WA event at 7pm will show as a 7pm time slot all around Australia
However we can add a message saying like "Times are in CST (Adelaide time) which is GMT +9.5 hours"
If needed email a request to