COVID Guidelines

Covid Guidelines 2021-03-30 (Return of inside short Courses)

COVID Guidlines 2020-07-28

COVID Guidlines 2020-06-30

COVID Guidlines 2020-06-17

from 18 October 2020, Covid applications are not needed for the following face to face meetings.
• Regional Committee meetings
• AKT training
• Regional Committee training
• Fund raising
• Or similar events
Responsibility for the conduct of such events returns to Regional Committees including compliance
with the relevant State COVID 19 Guidelines, KPMA COVID Health Guidelines and Food handling
requirements. A copy of the KPMA guidelines is shown above but is under review. Regional Committees
are encouraged to use common sense and are not required to abide by all the guidelines where they
are not appropriate.
The requirement for an application to lift the suspension on Team Formation, Continuing Ministry
(that is, KI Journey programs and KO SWAP and KOW Reunions) and Programs remains in place.

** NOTE from May 2021 responsibility for COVID guidelines has been given to State Councils
** Please check with your Kairos State Council for the latest COVID requirements

Application to Commence - Kairos All Groups

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Application to Commence - Kairos Inside

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KI (Continuing Ministry) ..... .....

Application to Commence - Kairos Outside

KOW Weekend Recommencing ..... .....

Archived (no longer required)

KOW Weekend & Team Formation ..... .....

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