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These pages are for our State Councils and Regional Committees.


Program Notification form (2021-09)  - download ms-word file

Course and Volunteer Forms - Forms for course use

Project Rebuild    progress updates on Project Rebuild

Ezra-Download    Ezra-Download order form

Ezra-Support       Ezra Support Email address's 

Prayer Vigil    Prayer Vigil Website for Australia

Training Non-4th Day Volunteers    a guidebook for experienced Team members

Governance KPMA governance documents

Covid-Guidelines (plus applications to re-commence)

RC Handbook - Regional Committee Handbook & Training Video's

Useful Contacts - Contact details that may be helpful at times

Conferences  - Presentations from Conferences

KSO Supplies - Lanyards, Freedom Guides, Riverbanks Manuals, Ezra Discs. - All supplies for your team.

"FAQ " -  Answers to the questions you always wanted to ask.

Music Resources & Copyright - All your musical needs from Song books, CCLI reporting, Musical Resources.

Marketing Material Marketing Material for Spreading the Kairos Word

Agape Resources

Style Guide 2019 (for general use)

Style Guide 2019 (for website use)

2019 Five Year Strategic Plan (Revised 2019 Aug)

Occasional Newsletters (for volunteers)

Newsletters (Australia)

Newsletters (USA)

Prayer Calendars

KPMA Annual Financial Reports (on ACNC goverment website)

Board Reports - Board considerations for discussion by State & Regional Committees

Farewell   (Celebrating the life of...)

Regions linked to Growth or Delivery

Non-Kairos Support Services (Ask Izzy)    Ask Izzy is a website that connects people in need with housing, a meal, money help, family violence support, counselling and much more.  It is free and anonymous, with thousands of services listed across Australia.

Group Email Address   for several Kairos roles

Acknowledgement of Country   (suggested wording)

Promotions General Information Sheet

Promotions Kairos Awareness How to

Kairos Presentation   (downloads to ms-powerpoint)

Donation form

Promotions Newsletter Signup Sheet


Kairos All 3, Inside / Outside / Torch

Kairos Inside

Kairos Outside

Kairos Torch

Interested In Volunteering

Information About Kairos (one page)


Promo Kairos Changes Lives (Tommy Fisher)   2.5 minutes

Promo Kairos Finding Love Behind Prison Walls (Frieda)  4 minutes

Promo Kairos Inside (Lee Hatcher)    2 minutes

Promo Kairos Journey (Rachel & Cameron)    11 minutes

Promo Kairos What We Do (Terry Willisee)    1.3 minutes

Promo What is Kairos (Terry Willisee)     5.2 minutes

Promo Torch for Juveniles (Kairos With You)    3 minutes

Testimony-Chaplain (Jane Perry - Usa)    1.3 minutes

Testimony-Chaplain (Kim Miller - Australia)     30 seconds

Testimony-Chaplain (Mark Schmieder - Usa)     40 seconds

Testimony-Chaplain (Rod Moore - Australia)     40 seconds

Testimony-Corrections (David Liebel - Indiana-Usa)     19 seconds

Testimony-Corrections (Jim Rubenstein - WestVirginia-Usa)     1 minute

Testimony-Corrections (Kathy Alvey - WardenBranchville-Usa)     17 seconds

Testimony-Corrections (Lee Downes - Australia)     1.2 minutes

Testimony-Corrections (Several Folk - Virginia-Usa)     4.1 minutes

Testimony-KI-Graduate (Bernie)     1.1 minutes

Testimony-KI-Graduate (Paul)     4 minutes

Testimony-KI-Graduate (Sue1)     1 minute

Testimony-KI-Graduate (Victor)     12 seconds

Testimony-KI-Team (George Novak)     35 seconds

Testimony-KI-Team (Bruce & Judy Baird)     12 seconds

Testimony-KO-Guest (Barb1)     2.3 minutes

Testimony-KO-Guest (Kala1)     1 minute

Testimony-KO-Guest (Marlene1)     2.2 minutes

Testimony-KO-Guest (Robin1)     1 minute

Testimony-KO-Guest (Sharon1)     50 seconds

Testimony-KO-Guest (Sue1)     56 seconds

Testimony-KO-Guest (Sue2)     1.1 minutes

Testimony-KT-Graduate (Anthony,Desiree, Kevin)     7.2 minutes


Kairos Banner Artwork   click this link for high quality download





Note: Some of these archived item are out dated

Church Presentation - Kairos Church Presentation Material

Resources -  Resources.

Kairos Letterhead (for Regions)  (Word document)

Kairos Letterhead                       (Word document)


Board Reports - Board considerations for discussion by State & Regional Committees

Board Occasional Newsletterss - for volunteers

Fundraising Ideas

No Show ... Garden Party Invite   (downloads a word document)

Donate a Meal
How it works
Outside view of card
Inside view of card 
Message inside card (printable) 

Archive (Kairos Inside)

A New Team Member Handbook  - Kairos New Team Member Guide (Australian Version)

General Forms - General Team Application, Closing Ceremony Application, Guest Application, Team Evaluation, Medical Forms

NSW  - NSW  Specific Forms and Guides.

QLD -  QLD Specific Forms and Guides

VIC - VIC  Specific Forms and Guides

SA - SA  Specific Forms and Guides

WA - WA  Specific Forms and Guides

Archive (Outside-Men)

*** Kairos Outside for Men Course Manual  manual is no longer available from this web site at the request of KPMI, who are the copyright holders. Please contact the KSO for copies of the manual

General Forms - Kairos Outside for Men – General Forms ( Medical, Privacy, Team)

Archive (Outside)

*** Kairos Outside Team Manual (Rev. Jan 2012) manual is no longer available from this web site at the request of KPMI, who are the copyright holders. Please contact the KSO for copies of the manual

Weekend O'View - Kairos Outside for Women Weekend Overview

Forms & Scripts - Kairos Outside for Women  Manual Forms and Scripts

Training - Kairos Outside for Women  Team Training

General Forms - Kairos Outside for Women General Forms (Guest, Privacy, Team, Medical, Evaluation)