Assistance Forums

This is a place where you can go to ask questions of the wider Kairos community via other Regional Committee members, seek assistance about how to deal with something, or offer advice to someone else seeking information.

A place to assist the positive growth of knowledge and practices throughout the ministry, with the help of others involved, and for the benefit of all.

It is not a 'gripes and bites' area - our motto is 'listen, listen, love, love' and we ask you do that here! (More on this can be seen in the Issues and Protocol Link below).

For the basic Issues and Protocols of using the forum, please click and read HERE before proceeding.

To proceed - click on 'Riverbanks and Ezra' (for questions specific to this new course procedure area) or 'General Topics' for all other areas at this stage - you will then go in and see the list of subjects people have raised so far.

  • To start a new topic

    - Check first that the question you want answered hasn't already been asked
    - if not just click on 'New Thread' provide a subject line and ask your question
  • To contribute or answer a subject raised,- first check if there are any responses to date (and if so go in and read those)
    - if an answer already given is roughly what you would have offered then you don't need to do more
    - otherwise click on the 'reply' button and add your answer to the discussion
  • Once you have finished either of the above,just click the 'save' button and it will be posted within the discussion area
    [Please do not 'lock' the message as that will stop anyone contributing to the discussion - which would defeat the purpose of raising the topic in the first place]