Kairos Contacts

Contact details that may be helpful at times

Kairos Support Office (KSO)

Office Manager operations@kairos.org.au
(02) 9987 2016 (extension 1)
Accountant accounts@kairos.org.au
(02) 9987 2016 (extension 2)

State Council Contacts

NSW kairosnsw@kairos.org.au
QLD kairosqld@kairos.org.au
SA kairossa@kairos.org.au

 Chair for Board of Directors

Chair of the Board chair@kairos.org.au

Program Support & Development Group (PSDG)

Chair of PSDG psdg@kairos.org.au
Kairos Inside kipsdg@kairos.org.au
Kairos Outside for women kowpsdg@kairos.org.au
Kairos Outside for Men kompsdg@kairos.org.au
Kairos Torch ktpsdg@kairos.org.au

Ministry Growth Group (MGG)

Chair of MGG mgg@kairos.org.au

Kairos Regional Committee Chairs

Region Program Gender State Email
Acacia Inside Men SA kiacacia@kairos.org.au
Adelaide-Outside Outside Woman SA koadelaide@kairos.org.au
Adelaide-Youth Torch Juveniles SA torchadelaide@kairos.org.au
AMC Alex...Mach... Inside Men ACT kicanberra@kairos.org.au
Canberra-Monaro Outside Woman ACT kocanberra@kairos.org.au
Cessnock Inside Men NSW kicessnock@kairos.org.au
Dillwynia Inside Woman NSW kidillwynia@kairos.org.au
Emu Plains Inside Woman NSW kiemuplains@kairos.org.au
Frank Baxter Torch Juveniles NSW torchfrankbaxter@kairos.org.au
Fulham Inside Men NSW kifulham@kairos.org.au
Goulburn Inside Men NSW kigoulburn@kairos.org.au
Grafton Inside Men NSW kigrafton@kairos.org.au
Hunter Outside Men NSW kohunter@kairos.org.au
John Morony Inside Men NSW kijohnmorony@kairos.org.au
Junee Inside Men NSW kijunee@kairos.org.au
Mannus Inside Men NSW kimannus@kairos.org.au
Mid-North-Coast Inside Men NSW kimidnorthcoast@kairos.org.au
Mid-North-Coast Inside Women NSW kimidnorthcoast@kairos.org.au
Mobilong Inside Men NSW kimobilong@kairos.org.au
New-England Outside Woman NSW konewengland@kairos.org.au
North-Coast Outside Woman NSW konorthcoast@kairos.org.au
North-Qld Outside Woman QLD konorthqld@kairos.org.au
Parklea Inside Men NSW kiparklea@kairos.org.au
Perth Outside Woman WA koperth@kairos.org.au
Port-Augusta Inside Men SA kiptaususta@kairos.org.au
Riverina Outside Woman NSW koriverina@kairos.org.au
South-Coast Outside Woman NSW kosouthcoast@kairos.org.au
South-East-Qld Outside Women NSW kosoutheastqld@kairos.org.au
Southern-Qld Inside Men QLD kisthnqld@kairos.org.au
Southern-Qld Inside Woman QLD kisthnqld@kairos.org.au
St-Heliers Inside Men NSW kistheliers@kairos.org.au
Sydney Outside Women NSW kosydney@kairos.org.au
Wacol Inside Men QLD kiwacol@kairos.org.au
Wide-Bay-Capricorn Outside Women QLD kowidebay@kairos.org.au