This area will provides some basic resources and other material that may be of use in building the awareness and support for your local regional activity.

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Developing Church Partners


Under the 'donors, partners' section on the public area of the website you will see that we have started listing a number of ‘partners’ in recognition of their support.

Partners are arrangements whether with churches or businesses and are defined as those that support the ministry as a body over a period of time – not with some individuals within that organisation or one-off contributions (individuals, families etc supporting significantly financially will be listed under the donors benefactors area)

We want these partners to be

  • Supporting Kairos from the grass roots up – ie. Supporting your local activity to the point of excess that can then flow up and out to other areas (or to national in regions where there is no local activity so it can be part of a fund to help other regions)
  • Be committed to a longer term relationship with the Kairos community (even if for 12 months but more than just a one off thing)

Obviously when a church becomes a partner as a body, it increases the level of communication with the church, the prayer covering, the opportunities to inform members about coming events, etc and does not preclude individual members of the church from supporting or being involved with Kairos (and can in fact encourage individual involvement due to a raised level of awareness).

Part of my role is to help, if needed, resource local committees to do this especially in the area of church partners.

So below are some resources as a basis for you to use, and adapt as you feel would help.

Note: If you want any explanation, assistance or help in more detail or other areas, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Approach Letters

Experience has always shown that approaches need to be face-to-face, verbal, direct and personal to succeed (ie you need to ring and go and see the church leaders) – however some material before the call or after may assist the meeting to be more structured and fruitful. below are two initial examples that you could possibly use and adapt (more to follow later):

  • click   HERE  for a sample letter that could be used after making a time to go and see your/another church leadership (but prior to the appointment) to help set the scene
  • click  HERE  for a more composite sample letter as a general first approach to a church leader you may know but not your own church – using the ‘one of a thousand points of lights’ concept which I am utilising to approach churches in areas where Kairos doesn’t operate or no team have direct relationships - This would require a follow up phone call and meeting soon after the letter was sent.

One Possible Church Arrangement – There can be a myriad of ways that a church agrees to support your local region - some include a regular lump of money based on financial position of the church, a percentage of the church tithing etc a specific amount per month/quarter reviewed in regular periods etc or another arrangement as agreed.

Whatever the arrangement, it will vary from church to church, emerge during discussions and then will formulated into a structured arrangement with that church. The arrangement probably needs to be defined in a written letter or something (but of course is not a legally binding document or arrangement), so that it includes any limits or boundaries

One arrangement may be that the church agrees to sponsor team members from their congregation (how many members they would sponsor, how many for KO or KI, maximum monies etc will be a matter for discussion). Under this arrangement the church notifies their congregation of the intent to financially support Kairos team members

  • click  HERE  for an example of a church team member sponsorship letter out to it’s congregation (ie the church has agreed to be involved and sponsor a number of team members from their congregation and this could be adapted for the church to issue).

Do these ideas work? Yes – by way of example

  • So far my own current church, my old church in Sydney and a couple of charismatic churches have agreed to become church partners of Kairos based on receiving the ‘one of 1,000 points of lights’ letter (and with no follow up before they contacted me)
  • The church arrangement of sponsoring team members from their congregation was instigated, and is currently in operation, at our CEO, Tony Carter's own church.

Church Service Presentations

The opportunity to speak at church service can be very fruitful if done well and if you can take the congregation on a journey with you – to see what you have seen and feel what you feel

However as most will be aware the length of time given at a service can vary from 3-5 minutes at the end of a mass or sermon – up to half an hour in a more open situation.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding some wording, ideas, thought and even sample scripts that seem to have worked at services where I have spoken. Of course this doesn’t impart how I present, and how I present may not fit with how you would do it. So all this material should be seen as a draft/guide that can be modified.

Of course, if your region would like personal help in

  • working with, training, visioning etc or any way of equipping those who will be your area presenters, or
  • for larger possibilities being available to be part of the discussions, negotiations and initial presentations if want me there – your committee only has to contact me and we can discuss opportunities further. 

In the meantime, if you click HERE you will be able to download a PowerPoint presentation as one example to work from (the file is about 1Mb so it will take a little time to open -if you have problems email me and I can send it to you as an attachment)

Please Note: To talk to all of this presentation requires about 20-25 minutes of allowed time. However it could be cut down, moulded or specific slides used for shorter sessions.

Of course another resource is the promotional DVD available from head office for use on these occasions (full 11 minute version or cut down) – but you still need to speak in support of the DVD.

As information for those who haven't done a lot of presenting – powerful presentations

  • are well prepared so they flow easily and you have enough knowledge for questions etc
  • engage the audience within the first 10-20 seconds
  • interact with the audience a couple of times (get them nodding, showing hands, laughing, doing something)
  • you always speak to the slides – do not just read them (ie so add more information, other statistics than what’s there, explain and develop, or offer the examples and heart-string stories to support etc)
  • conclude with a definitive statement and a call to action

Slide show presentation for Parish Council or other corporate or government body

This slide show is designed to enable you approach your Parish council a local business or corporate body for financial support, and can be adjusted or used as base material for you to do a presentation to your church or community group The notes are not a talk for you to read out, rather they are background material, explanation of statistics and other material in the slides.
The slide show has been left as a Power Point slide show for you so that you can remove any of the slides you don’t feel are relevant to your presentation or are not comfortable presenting, but please don’t change any of the content in the slides
If you need further explanation or have any questions please feel free to contact the National Office.
The slide show is available from the KSO
The slide show notes are available from the KSO