Farewell – Margaret Fuller

A TRIBUTE TO MARGARET FULLER, OAM, 24th September 1940 - 20th March 2021

If you were fortunate enough to have served alongside Margaret Fuller, you would have
recognised she was no ordinary woman. In fact, in many ways, Margaret was extraordinary. For
decades she devoted her gifts, time and energy to some of the least valued people in society,
having always had a heart for those in need and a desire for them to encounter the love of Jesus
and His transformational power. Margaret served on the first Australian Kairos Inside team,
held at the Parramatta Correctional Centre. She then became a regular member of Kairos teams
in Long Bay and Emu Plains, going on to lead the first team at Berrima CC. Marg was always
highly valued as a team member and leader because of her amazing capacity to nurture positive
relationships and impart the skills and knowledge needed for effective ministry. Even until a few
months before her death, Margaret carried out secretarial duties on the South Coast KI Ad Hoc
Committee, supporting Jeff as the inaugural Chair.

Kairos short course participants loved Marg’s warmth, listening heart and the way she was able
to explain difficult concepts so clearly. In turn, Margaret saw them as treasured people who
deserved to be treated with respect and compassion. She always made sure they knew how
important they were to her, remembering past conversations, affirming them and never
allowing the focus to be on herself. Margaret reflected God’s light in the darkness of prisons and
brought His love and hope to many. She often said that true faith enters through the head, then
to the heart and out through the feet.

Margaret Fuller also cared deeply about the often-forgotten ones, those women impacted by
the imprisonment of friends or family members. Since first joining the Kairos Outside Sydney
community in 2010, she regularly contributed her broad range of God-given gifts to create
dynamic and relevant team formation sessions, leading a team in 2015. She then accepted the
role of Advising Leader for the first Kairos Outside weekend held in 2016 at Tuross Heads.
Margaret‘s impact on the Kairos ministry was nationwide. Along with Jeff, she served on the 3
Kairos Board from August 2000 until July 2006. As programs began to open up in women’s
prisons and through Kairos Outside, she took on the important role of ‘Women’s Ministry
Later, Margaret joined the national Program Support and Development Group for Kairos
Outside established in 2009, serving for 5 years. Her abilities were harnessed through 8 years as
a national trainer. She also made a significant contribution to the 2016 Australian Kairos
Outside manual, in particular the pivotal section on team skill building. Margaret‘s vast
professional experience meant that she knew how to guide others to create their own solutions
and resolve difficulties.

Margaret Fuller was a valued member of the Kairos community, a dear sister and friend,
irreplaceable - one of a kind. Even though our hearts break, particularly for Jeff and the family,
we rejoice that Marg now soars on eagle’s wings and is safe in God’s hands having received a
hero’s welcome.