Farewell – Paul Page

A tribute to Paul Page

John Morony Regional Committee

It is with sadness that we give this tragic news.

On Monday 24th May Paul Page was promoted to Glory.
We send our condolences to his wife Shirley and children Anne and David.
Paul was 65 and a devoted father.

Paul retired from working in local government in his late 50s and became the Rectors Warden and Treasurer at St Stephens Anglican Church in Penrith NSW where he has served faithfully.
He completed an Advanced Diploma of Bible, Mission and Ministry at Moore College in Sydney. 
He was a Growth Group Leader and a vital part of the running of the Church.
Paul also had a long involvement with Cursillo and served on team many times.

Paul has been involved with Kairos serving in the old John Morony II complex now known as the Geoffrey Pearce Correctional Centre.
He then was a part of the foundational Committee for John Morony taking on the role of Secretary serving on many teams and being the leader of John Morony 3 in March 2019.

Paul will be sadly missed by us for his outstanding attention to detail in taking minutes and his often dry sense of humour.

Blessings Mel (Malcolm) Ashby Chairman John Morony Regional Committee.