Farewell – Peter Francis

A tribute to Peter Francis

Peter Francis, a man of faith, humility, compassion, prayer, love for others & most of all, commitment, went to be with his beloved Lord on 26 June 2021 aged 78.

Peter had been diagnosed with a brain tumour over 3 years ago and in his own words he called this an “Adventure”.  He wrote in December 2019 “It is not the sort of experience to be anticipated with great excitement, but it is a wonderful opportunity to call on our great God, and to give ourselves, more than ever before, to journey with Him. 
God has been with me for every step of this adventure, and He has made this very, very clear to me. 
Of course I know that He is with me always and He will never abandon me. 
He has told me this and I have no reason to doubt Him, but there are times when we might be particularly aware of His presence with us.  This has been the case for me during recent times.”

Peter was a dedicated and loving father to his daughter Louise and devoted grandfather to his 2 grandsons. 
It was while taking his daughter to Sunday School he developed a strong faith and an abiding love of his Lord. 
His faith never waived from that time.  In fact he subsequently went to Bible College and became a pastor. 
Peter pastored in many churches.  His sermons were always clear and he explained the Bible so that all could understand. 
His love for the Lord shone through his talks and he was always ready to listen to others. 
Peter was also a gifted a gifted musician and blessed many with his beautiful Welsh voice.

He was also an author, having published “God Talk” in 2014.  This book was based on his journal of times spent with God, praying and listening to Him and explaining, in simple terms, God’s love and purpose for each one of us.

Peter became very involved in Emmaus, serving on many teams in the Sydney area as well as in regional areas, especially Bathurst.

Peter’s involvement in Kairos began in 2003 when he was on team in Silverwater Correctional Centre. 
After that he served on many Silverwater teams. 
In 2007 Peter was appointed to the Board of KPMA as the Spiritual Director and he remained on the Board until 2012. 
He was involved in Kairos Inside, Kairos Outside Women and Men, Torch and PFK (Preparation for Kairos).   
He always treated the team and participants with respect, gentleness and grace, and always with a warm smile. 
Peter understood his ministry was to God’s people.

However not only was Peter involved in Kairos courses but also contributed greatly to the wellbeing and advancement of Kairos not only with his Board involvement but through conferences/meetings and especially talking with and listening to all the regions, even to the extent of visiting each region to gather advice as to how Kairos could be improved.

Whilst we are sad because Peter is no longer with us we rejoice that he is now in the safe hands of his precious Lord.  
We are so thankful to God for bringing Peter into our lives and for his amazing ministry to so many people from all walks of life.

A Thanksgiving Service will be arranged when times become more normal.

Terry Clancy & Mavis Hedrik

With contributions from Gill Begbie, Roberta Tsai, John Jenkins, Greg Setchell