Group Email Address

Group email address's are available for the following groups.

Contact Kairos Support office ( for the actual email address

All Australia RC Chairs All Australia RC Treasurers All Australia RC Agape
All Australia Regions All Australia RC Secretaries  
NSW RC Chairs NSW RC Treasurers NSW RC Agape 
NSW Regions NSW RC Secretaries NSW RC Clearances
QLD RC Chars QLD RC Treasurers QLD RC Agape
QLD Regions QLD RC Secretaries  
SA RC Chairs SA RC Treasurers SA RC Agape
SA Regions    
VIC RC Chairs VIC RC Treasurers VIC RC Agape
VIC Regions    
WA RC Chairs WA RC Treasurers WA RC Agape
WA Regions    

Note 'Regions' group email are sent to Regions Chair, Treasurer, Secretary