How You Can Help

As a registered not-for-profit charity, Kairos Prison Ministry Australia depends greatly on the generosity of volunteers and friends like you.

We also value your prayers as we seek to offer hope and support to those in prison and the families and friends of those in prison.

Please click the links below to investigate ways you can help those we serve:

Covering all the activity of Kairos, our volunteers and our guests in prayer will always be our first and most important request for help.

Kairos makes a difference – because Kairos brings Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness – and so do You! God blesses a generous heart.

Agape is the type of love in which the motive is to respond to another’s legitimate needs without trying to get our own needs met.

Kairos does not receive any direct funding from any Government body.  It operates on the generous donations of many people throughout Australia.

Will your organisation join with us in a business partnership that has a practical benefit and an exponential effect on lives and communities around Australia?

If you are interested in helping to bring Kairos to your area, contact the National Office or read more...

What We Do

Kairos is a local community-based Christian ministry that serves both those in prison and the families and friends of those in prison. 

Kairos Inside is the way Kairos reaches out to male and female inmates, saying “You have a choice.”

It is often said by those in prison “We do the crime, but the family does the time”. This is why Kairos Outside reaches out to the family and friends of inmates, saying “You are not alone.”

The Kairos Torch program is the way Kairos reaches out to juvenile offenders, saying “There’s a better way.”

When we came into Kairos a little over three days ago, the team said we might have the experience of a lifetime. They told us that after this week, our lives might be changed forever.

These are individuals and organisations who have seen the value in the vision of Kairos and made a decision to significantly partner with us in expanding the effectiveness and benefits that Kairos brings.