Kairos Outside Sydney #27

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A Kairos Outside 27 guest writes: My experience at Kairos Outside #27 was a bit of a roller coaster. It started out very much with trepidation and scepticism. What did a bunch of strangers know about me?  How much did they want to pry into the story of my brother?

But mum was going and I wanted to support her. So I went, not expectingto get much out of it for myself. The first shock was to learn that my driver to the campsite was not staying. She and her husband drove me just to bless me.

I was pretty determined not to let anyone in. Then I met the lady who had phoned me leading up to the camp. The ice started to melt just a little. What a delight she was! I felt like I had just found a long lost aunty!

I was shown to my room and was pleasantly surprised to find “agape” on my bed. The ice melted a little more. The ladies slowly but surely chipped away at the hardness around me. Constant agape, both in physical gifts and service quickly made me see that they not only cared but UNDERSTOOD. They ofered me HOPE, both in terms of my relationship with my brother and my walk with God.

I struggled with guilt over being there because my husband was unwell and I had three children at home. But I came to see that I too need help for myself.

I believe I went home a stronger person, although it was still a bit of a culture shock walking back into the house. Nothing had changed there while I had changed so much.

Holding onto that hope in everyday life has been a challenge. But seeing the agape gifts remind me of what I experienced that weekend.

God has always been with me but He felt especially close that weekend.  I am grateful to all the ladies from the botom of my heart.