Mid North Coast #12

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Every participant received an explanation of God, Jesus and Christianity as well as an all-to-brief experience of living in a Christian community – unconditional love; trust; prayer; forgiveness under God’s grace; and the love of the Body of Christ.
All the participants reported their lives were touched in some measure. Many reported life changing experiences including returning to a previous Christian life and, for some, rescue from despair. Under the call of the Holy Spirit some committed their lives to follow Christ. Around half of the participants had some previous experience of Kairos through the Journey Program. The others were new.
Over the 105 hours of the Short Course more than 750 people, including some from overseas, prayed for the team and the participants. The snacks and two meals per day were well received. The gifts of biscuits were so generous the Chaplain was able to supply biscuits to the Women’s Section.
As always, we must recognise this Course would not be possible without the approval of the General Manager of MNCCC and the officers who were responsible, in particular, the Chaplain Gerard Byrnes, under whose auspices Kairos is permitted to enter MNCCC. Vern Harvey