How Can I Help?

Partner with Kairos

Partner with Kairos and join us in turning hearts and lives towards a new horizon with hope and meaning.

Each life has a turning point, but there are many who have not found it yet.

You may not personally know anyone affected by having someone in prison – but over 800,000 people in Australia are affected by the 85,000+ people currently under the authority of custodial services today (of which 30,000 are in full time custody in our prison system) – let alone all those who have been affected in the past. They need your help.

Kairos is effective

Kairos is not glamorous. It works in places where no-one is looking. But it brings meaning and purpose, and a vision of what is possible as the foundation for a journey of transformation in life.

Kairos changes are sustainable. Kairos programs in Australia and other countruies have proven results in helping individuals make choices that stop the cycle of recidivism, and which positively impact families and communities.

Kairos is affecting the next generation. As children see their parents and other adult family members modelling a new life without crime, they too are encouraged.

Kairos is helping save society money. Every person not returning to prison saves:

  • the $55-75,000 per annum it costs to maintain an inmate in custodial care
  • the related court and police costs of investigation, apprehension and processing
  • the victim of crime (that won't be) & community stress (from less crime occurring).

Kairos is not doing it alone. We are setting up collaborative arrangements with other organisations that will help to consolidate and build on the changes which we help to introduce.

Kairos partners are members of God's family, getting engaged in the family business - coming alongside people who are often lonely, isolated and in despair to build hope and a new future in the communities we all live in.

Kairos starts with "Listen, listen, love, love" and makes a world of difference, because in Kairos we know that God's love changes everything.

Will you join with us in making this difference?

Kairos Prison Ministry Australia, is a Company Limited by Guarantee, and is a DGR and ITEC registered not-for-profit charity. So there is the added bonus that every financial donation over $2 is fully tax deductible.