Who Supports Us?

Our Support Partners

We wish to acknowledge our major supporters in the areas below. These are individuals and organisations who have seen the value in the vision of Kairos and made a decision to significantly partner with us in expanding the effectiveness and benefits that Kairos brings.

Our supporters’ partnerships include financial support for other organisation involved in assisting prisoners and their families including Mission Australia, Prison Fellowship and Shine for Kids.

We hope that you or your organisation and group may also be inspired by transformed lives and we would like to invite you to join us as we grow and help those we serve!

Our Church Partners  are those churches and parishes around the country that have committed to having Kairos as one of their missions or outreach organisations that they will collectively support, promote and encourage involvement with among their members.

Our accepting churches  are those churches that have open arms and a welcoming environment to those trying to make positive changes in their lives- including those leaving the custodial system, their families and friends. Churches are welcome to contact us to add their name to the list of accepting churches.

Our media partners  are those media organisation that are sharing the vision of what can be achieved and are helping spread the awareness and knowledge of what Kairos is all about.

Our music and entertainment partners  are those individuals and groups in the this industry sector who have performed at Kairos functions and events and at various levels, have agreed to be involved, promote and support Kairos in the future.