Kairos Outside for Men

Kairos Outside for Men

Kairos Outside for Men (KOM)

KOM is a weekend retreat hosted by Kairos volunteers for any man 18 years & over, who has been effected by the prison system, either  by supporting someone who is in prison or has been in prison, or by having been in prison himself.

The goal is to provide a supportive community of other men who understand the challenges of being released from prison and those associated with supporting someone in prison.

If you have struggled when released from prison or with having a family member or close friend in prison, you will find a place of freedom and fellowship in the community of a Kairos Outside for Men weekend. You can also explore behaviors that may improve your closest relationships.

The weekend gives you the opportunity to meet, to listen and talk with men who have struggled with their experience or contact with the prison system. You will find an environment that is open, safe and supportive and you'll have the freedom to be yourself – no string attached!