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Agape is the type of love in which the motive is to respond to another's legitimate needs without trying to get our own needs met.

Agape in the Kairos environment is very powerful. Most of the guests on Kairos programs have never experienced unconditional, unqualified love. In doing so, they experience a tangible demonstration of the support which is available if they start to open themselves to God’s love and acceptance.

There are a range of agape opportunities available for the broader community during a Kairos program. Some are mentioned below but others can be discussed with your local Kairos agape co-ordinator. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to find out more.

Kairos Inside Agape

Provision of handmade food can be a rare treat for many. In certain settings, Kairos is able to provide these items to those who take part in a program. In some instances, we are only able to provide commercially prepared pre packed items. In either case, it is an expression of care and love that many haven’t had for some time. As the regulations vary, we may need those who can prepare food within the guidelines we are given and other times, we will need financial donations to be able to purchase food and supplies to give out during a program such as pre packed biscuits.

You may not be able to be on a Kairos team for face to face ministry but you can still be part of Kairos by helping in this way. Please contact our Kairos Support Office to find out how you can help.

Obviously being sent to prison is a disruption to family and social life. Sometimes it means total disassociation from loved ones and friends. There are many men and women in prison who do not have any contact with the world beyond those walls until the day they are released (whether visits, phone calls or letters)

On a Kairos Inside course, each guest receives a bag of individually handwritten letters of encouragement to demonstrate support for the positive choices they are starting to make in their lives.

There are obviously requirements and parameters in relation to writing these letters covering issues of protection, security, privacy. However, the effect is worth the effort. These requirements and arranging delivery can all be discussed with the local agape coordinator. Again contact our office to be referred on.

These can be prepared as expressions of support and encouragement. They are addressed specifically to the group e.g. “To the men/women of XXX Kairos Number XX” or “To the guests on XXX Kairos Outside #XX’ .

Cloth/vinyl banners representing any colourful messages of support and love, pictorially presented, that will be utilised on the current and also on succeeding programs.

Please make contact with our Kairos Support Office to find out more details.

Kairos Outside Agape

Getting guests to and from the weekend location is often an area where assistance would be appreciated. If you live in an area where Kairos Outside operates, have transport and would be prepared to help, we would love to hear from you.

Over a weekend course guests receive a number of little gifts which express that a special effort has been made just for them and that someone is thinking about them while they are on this journey. Items don’t have to be big, but sufficient are required for each person to receive the same thing.

Alternatively, provision of a tax deductible donation to help us purchase the items would also be greatly appreciated.

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