Kairos Prison Ministry Australia

Kairos Inside

For incarcerated men and women

"I was in prison and you came to visit me."

Matthew 25:36

The Kairos Inside program is conducted in co-operation with prison Chaplains and Senior management as well as teams of volunteers made up of lay people and clergy. Participants are invited to attend the 3 to 5 day event by the institution Chaplain; inmates may also approach the Chaplain and request to attend. The good reputation of Kairos within the Correctional system is well known among prisoners and Chaplains alike.

Through a structured program, Kairos Inside participants:

The Course

Kairos Inside runs a Short Course in Christianity for 3 to 5 days which allows participants to witness Christ’s love through the service of Christian volunteers.  During this course participants are introduced to the love and sacrifice given by Jesus Christ.

After the Short Course, participants are encouraged to attend the Kairos Journey Program, which is an extension of the teaching, encouragement and accountability that has happened in the Short Course.  The aim of the Kairos Short Course is to encourage and facilitate the participants to continue to support each other and together with the Chaplains, to build self-sustaining Christian communities within the prisons.

There is no requirement for the inmates to be a Christian or even to be from a Christian background in order to attend a Kairos course.

Kairos is a front row seat to God’s miracles happening right now at men’s and women’s prisons!

Who is Kairos?

Kairos Prison Ministry Australia is an interdenominational Christian ministry reaching out to incarcerated individuals, their families and those who work with them; to bring sustainable meaning and hope in the place of loneliness, isolation and despair.

Kairos is building Christian Community in response to the challenge issued by our Lord Jesus “I was in prison and you visited me” (Matt 25:36) to share with inmates and their families the unconditional love of God. To enable a vision of the abundant life that a relationship with Jesus gives.

Kairos is a ministry where volunteers work together as the body of Christ and set aside denominational differences to serve together and to embody the true meaning of church.

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