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Canberra Information Morning

canberra info morning

The above pictures show some of the organisers and presenters at the Kairos information morning in Canberra on 4th November.

Speakers at the gathering were Teresa from KO Canberra, Sue Hodges Vice Chair NSW State Council, Wayne from KI Goulburn and Chris from KI Dillwynia Regional Committee.  The gathering was attended by people interested in finding out more about the ministry.  Many responded wanting to join the email mailing list for the National Newsletter, become Prayer Partners and others wanting to find out how they could help promote Kairos in their local church.

canberra info speaker

Many thanks to Jane McGlew and Teresa Millynn for organising the event on behalf of KI AMC, KO Canberra Monaro and KI Goulburn.

Deb Poulton – COO



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