Corporate Giving

Corporate Giving

Will your organisation join with us in a business partnership that has a practical benefit and an exponential effect on lives and communities around Australia?

Why would your business want to join with Kairos?
  • Kairos makes a difference.
  • The value of one life changed by making positive life choices cannot be underestimated.
  • There is the ripple effect out to the family, friends and local community in contact with someone who has a more positive and constructive attitude.
  • There is an influence on the next generation as they experience parents living a lifestyle no longer involving crime, and modelling a positive way to look at the future.
  • There is a direct saving to Society with each individual who breaks the cycle of re-offending - through reducing the costs of maintaining someone in prison, in police investigations and court costs - and from reduced property and personal costs when crimes are not committed.

Additionally it is one way to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility - being a Good Corporate Citizen.

‘Corporate social responsibility’ is the term frequently used to describe a company's commitment to operating in a way that takes account of not only the financial implications of the business decisions it makes, but also the social, economic and environmental impacts.

It is often used interchangeably with other terms such as ‘corporate citizenship’ and is also linked to the concept of Triple Bottom Line Reporting, a framework for measuring an organisation's performance against economic, social and environmental parameters (from Australian Government Department of Communication, Information Technology and the Arts website).

Being known as a 'good corporate citizen' can have direct benefits to a company as the business becomes known, trusted and involved in the 'bigger picture'. However, while being a good corporate citizen may have direct business benefits, adopting such policies for this reason alone comes with a note of caution. It's not just a matter of doing the right thing; the benefits only flow to those who act for the right reasons!

"The principles of corporate social responsibility provide an opportunity for business to demonstrate a hands-on commitment to the task of building better communities - not just to profit a few, but for the common good - on which we all depend." (Dr Simon Longstaff, Executive Director of St James Ethics Centre)

There are a number a ways your business can be involved with Kairos as the charity to help build better communities

  • Become a Kairos Corporate Donor or Benefactor - electing Kairos as one of the charities your business will donate to this year.
  • Establish Kairos on a Workplace Giving Program or establish a 'money box tree' campaign (both of which engage staff in the giving process and require staff information sessions, etc)
  • If your business is specifically community based, sponsor a particular Kairos Inside, Kairos Outside or Torch program (all of which have obvious promotion and exposure advantages)
  • Sponsor a particular fundraising event, host an information luncheon
  • Become a 'partner in kind' if there is some compatible business area
  • Work with us to promote community awareness and helping hands or any other option that you may think are more relevant and applicable

All relationships have return benefits including literature and website exposure, cross referral and networking, staff awareness and involvement, and more.

To find out more, arrange a presentation to your Board, or discuss any options further, please email or phone our Support Office on 02 9987 2016.