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It was difficult to say Yes, when I was asked to be on team for Kairos because I didn’t know what to expect, now going to prison was not on my agenda but having done that and the 8 or 9 weeks of team formation that lead up to the actual short course we do in prison, gave me a lot of time to meet other people from other denominations, people who had similar beliefs in many ways and different beliefs too. 

Got to know them and know that we were focused on bringing Christ to those in prison.  In fact, not taking Christ into prison, because he is already there, but meeting him in the people that are already there.



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“Now I have a Family”

Kairos Goulburn #24 was held in Goulburn Correctional Centre from 29th August to 1st September 2023.  Eighteen men in green along with seventeen inside team volunteers and six outside team

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