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Kairos on the Mid North Coast has an interesting beginning in that we were invited by the first Governor/General Manager of the new Mid North Coast Correctional Centre (Kempsey Gaol), Bruce Mercer to consider running a Kairos ministry there. Bruce, a new Christian at the time, wanted Kairos in the gaol, from prior favourable experience at Mannus gaol and when aware of Kairos team in the area was very keen to start immediately after the new gaol at Aldavilla opened in 2004. Under an active Chaplain at the time, Des Cox , a decision was made to commence with a “Journey” programme and run the first Short Course in 2005. Some 35 men crowded the small meeting room and became the basis of the first group of 24 inmates to take the course.

Since that time there has been a succession of Managers and Chaplains and yet we have managed to maintain an excellent rapport and support from the Gaol, involving the management and security as well as chaplaincy. From a small group of interested and deeply committed Kairos team a stable and active Regional Committee was formed and has continued to plan, fund and run 15 Men’s “Short Courses” and 3 Women’s courses, achieved after some years without an initial women’s presence in the gaol and consistent lobbying. A Good relationship with many local churches, Emmaus and Cursillo continues to see the Committee and the Kairos ministry thrive.

Kairos Mid North Coast runs a weekly “Journey” program each Saturday morning for both the Men and the Women, as well as an annual, week-long “Short Course” in Christianity. Anyone interested can speak with a Chaplain. The weekly Journey program is designed to maintain regular contact with inmates and to encourage them to seek and maintain a relationship with Jesus during their time at Kempsey.

We also promote the Crossroads Bible study program for inmates and always have application forms on hand for any inmate interested in participating in this free correspondence Bible study course.  If you are interested in finding out more, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Kairos Inside Prayer Vigil

We encourage any Christians to join us in prayer for those to whom we share Jesus in the prison.  It is a wonderful thing for the inmates attending to see that so many people who do not even know them, are upholding them in prayer 24 hours a day during the week. Please add your name as many times as you wish.

Kairos Outside Prayer Vigil

Kairos also hold weekends for women who have family or loved ones in prison.  Please join us in prayer for these life changing weekends.

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