Pam’s Journey …

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Pam's JourneyPam was a guest on KOW 14, and she had many questions about God in her heart. After the guest weekend and first reunion Pam enthusiastically joined the Tuggeranong Coffee group. In 2014 Pam agreed to come on committee to be our chocolate sales coordinator. Pam did an exceptional job and sold in excess of 100 boxes to family friends and members of the Kairos community. So much so that Cadbury’s recently gave KOW Canberra Monaro a grant for $350.
In late February this year Pam was baptised at Pine Island. Her Kairos friends were there with flags waving. Still she wanted more. She felt called to be ministering to children in a less advantaged com-munity. In early March Pam flew out of Australia on her dream mission - one she felt called by God to undertake. She is spending the next 5 months in Samoa working with women and children who are part of the Samoan Victims of Domestic Violence Community.

Deb Poulton