Prayer Vigil: Kairos Australia

Welcome, come join us praying for:

                  - participants as they hear the gospel

                  - team members as they present the gospel

Here is a link to the  Prayer Vigil: Kairos Australia


Some issues you could prayer over

Some issues you could pray over

  1. The co-operation of the General Manager, Manager of Security, Programs Manager, all Prison Officers and Corrective Services staff.
  2. The Chaplain(s) for the work required to enable Kairos to operate within the Correctional Facility.
  3. The team: that they will serve as 'one body in Christ' and exhibit humility and love to each other and to the residents [inmates] and Correctional Facility staff.
  4. Good health of all team members and the residents to whom they will minister.
  5. Travel safety for all team members to and from the complex.
  6. Open hearts and open minds of the residents who are attending the Kairos course and they will participate throughout.
    God will work in their lives and afterwards they will form strong Christian groups
  7. The "Outside Team" as they prepare meals and pray.
  8. The musicians that their musical praise and worship, the songs and our singing will encourage the residents and all who hear it.
  9. Those volunteers who are praying, writing letters, making posters, baking biscuits and preparing other agape.
  10. The families and loved ones of both the team and residents.
  11. That the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit will be with us always.

Questions and Answers

Some questions & answers
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