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Coming Back after Six Years

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After waiting for 6 years, due to the refurbishment at Mid North Coast Correctional Centre and then Covid we have finally been able to run Kairos Inside Women’s #4 at MNCCC from 18th – 22nd September 2023.

This was surely God’s special time for the 18 women who attended our course and the wonderful team he had given me.  As we stepped out in faith on Monday morning God opened the way for us and continued to bless the course and all who were participating.

On their arrival Monday morning, our 18 participants were warmly greeted by their hosts who quickly organised teas & coffees before discussing the questions to put them at ease for the introduction time.   Some of the participants came confused and not knowing what it was all about while others were open minded and open-hearted searching for God.

Tuesday saw a return of 16 of our participants with two reserves making 18.    The Holy Spirit was present as they displayed their posters at the first poster party, also showing their care and support for each other, particularly the shy ones.  We praised God for the opening up of one resident, who had not spoken a word up to this point.  A great day!

Wednesday our 18 ladies returned.  We introduced them to prayer in a variety of forms.  One line prayers, family visits to the Chapel and a prayer box for personal prayer requests with a stream of prayers following over the next few days.  Families were bonding well, with us hearing such comments as “we have seen each other in the sector but have not spoken to each other in the past”.

Time and again we found God moving ahead of us and when I introduced the idea of “Building the Body” posters one of the participants had already created an A4 posted the night before in her pod which she brought in to show us.

Wednesday afternoon the participants each received their bundle of 59 letters.  One of the ladies showed great love and care for one of her roommates when she shared some of her letters her that evening.

The ladies were finding a safe haven where they felt accepted and were growing in their understanding of the magnitude of God’s love through the Agape they received in its many forms.  The letters, the daily prayer vigil lists, banners and posters from Kairos communities around Australia and overseas, meals and biscuits (we had sorted 669 packets).  It was a joy filled day.  We saw visible changes taking place as they shared their own stories.

Thursday morning, we moved to Chapel for the Forgiveness Ceremony. As requested on Wednesday the ladies had written down the names of those they held in unforgiveness to hand over to God.   It was a beautiful ceremony with each of the ladies coming forward to drop their list into the bowl of water with one of our clergy praying for them.  The ladies were amazed to look into the bowl and see the lists dissolve before their eyes.

Friday and our final day!  It was sad to come to the end of the week, but there was great joy and awe in what we were seeing God do in the lives of these beautiful women, as well as in our own lives.   Again, we had 18 ladies arrive.  What a great God we serve!

Crosses, Certificates and Bibles were presented.  What a great joy for me to make 18 presentations to these 18 beautiful women.  As I said the words “Christ is counting on you, everyone responded “and I am counting on Him”.

It is hard to describe the week.  Something that has to be experienced to fully comprehend!  I am eternally grateful to our gracious God for the privilege of leading this SC and serving with such a wonderful team of people and for the awesome privilege of sitting in on the lives of the participants of KIW #4 MNCCC during the week as they listened to God, opened their hearts and shared their lives.

To God be the Glory for the things He has done. Amen!

Thanks to Shirley and the MNC team for this amazing report.



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