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Holy Thursday Service at John Morony

This month, an encouraging article published by Catholic Outlook about a recent service held at John Morony Correctional Centre in NSW.  “We don’t have to be imprisoned in our thinking,

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Kairos Church Service

John Layton, Wayne Ulrich, David Livingstone, Glenn Maas, Pauline Turnbull, Maureen Bradley, Andy Turner, Dennis Grant, Keith Robbins. A team from the Kairos Mid North Coast Correctional Centre representing Kairos

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New Year Blessings

The Kairos Inside Wolston (QLD) #13 Short Course was run over the week of Tuesday 2nd to Friday 5th January 2024. On the course we had 19 participants, 13 inside

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Canberra Information Morning

The above pictures show some of the organisers and presenters at the Kairos information morning in Canberra on 4th November. Speakers at the gathering were Teresa from KO Canberra, Sue

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Coming Back after Six Years

After waiting for 6 years, due to the refurbishment at Mid North Coast Correctional Centre and then Covid we have finally been able to run Kairos Inside Women’s #4 at

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“Now I have a Family”

Kairos Goulburn #24 was held in Goulburn Correctional Centre from 29th August to 1st September 2023.  Eighteen men in green along with seventeen inside team volunteers and six outside team

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